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The Hero’s Edge is a collectibles and gaming store that offers a fun, educational, and entertaining environment that is conducive to collectors and gamers alike. As a new independent comic book and gaming store, we offer a wide range of comic book titles, Magic the Gathering events and resale, Dungeons and Dragons quest days and products, Pathfinder, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and vintage video game resale. We’re located at 1212 N. Green Street, McHenry, IL, 60050

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    Welcome to “The Hero’s Edge Collectibles” official website! You have come to the “About Us” page to acquire more information about The Hero’s Edge Collectibles and you have chosen a wise path for this information. Well it is a true tale, not for the weak of heart, but the noble and virtuous collector or gamer who strives to gain edge on his opponents and become a HERO! Once upon a time, The Hero’s Edge Collectibles was a comic book store that has been integrated with a table top gaming location. Here we offer not 1 or 2, but 4+ enchanting venues of entertainment and these are as follows: Comic books, Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Vintage video games and more to come.


    Firstly, Comic books, these are the written literacy and artistic symbiosis creating a masterpiece for reading entertainment. We are holding the following publishers: DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, and many more for your viewing and reading pleasure. We will be carrying issues from January of 2015 to the current date until they are out of stock, at this point we can also reorder a book for you if you would like. Alas my reader, you need to also be introduced to our subscribers program! Subscribers program meet reader, reader meet subscribers program. The subscribers program is what The Hero’s Edge Collectibles offers to its loyal patrons and all you need to do is the following: 1. Pick up a PREVIEWS booklet from The Hero’s Edge friendly staff. 2. Choose and purchase 10+ titles from the PREVIEWS book and return the book by the date posted on the PREVIEWS book located in the top-left corner. 3. Once you have this completed, you must jump for joy! You are now a subscriber and you get the applicable discounts according to the subscribers discount tier ranging from 5% – 15% discounts. 4. LEVEL UP!


    Secondly, Magic the Gathering, which if you are unfamiliar it is one of the most outstanding and long lasting gaming cards around today. It involves deck building, game play strategy, planeswalkers, beasts and mighty spells to defeat the opposing player in a match to the “DEATH” (Just kidding, only based on a 20 life total.. No death involved). This game will be played in many game styles for a couple days of the week ranging from solo games, 2-headed giant, to big free for all games. Ah yes, I must not forget to mention the most renowned player within The Hero’s Edge Collectibles will be a myth and legend known only as the “Champion of the Edge”. Compete your way to victory and become the champion and much reward will be in your near future. LEVEL UP!


    Third, Dungeons and Dragons, A long time renowned RPG that is based on a quest that you must complete at the hand of your dungeon master. The dungeon master creates a quest that is usually challenging and will cause your allies to unite to complete the task, level up, and keep forging through to new quests and challenges. Let me tell you a little story, I knew a bard who once sold me a “magical stick” that was not very magical at all but I was so compelled and mesmerized by this stick that I was forced to buy it for an exorbitant amount of money. Much fun awaits those who play this extraordinary Role Playing Game hosted by our very own dungeon master. LEVEL UP!


    Lastly, we take in, sell, and play vintage video games. Wait, for dramatic effect, play song: “Super Punch Out” between circuits on the bike scene. We will be hosting video game events that allow players of all kinds come and show off their expert gaming skills. Think you can fair against the mighty gamers of the Hero’s Edge? Come prove yourself in tournaments, speed runs, or just to fancy your skills on game day. (Play song: Final Fantasy victory song) LEVEL UP! VICTORY! You have leveled up to level 5 after reading all of the above. Now utilize your attributes in your attribute tree and come into The Hero’s Edge collectibles and browse our comic book selection or emerge yourself in the gaming world of MTG, DND, or video gaming. Only problem you have now is that the levels mean nothing and the attribute tree is.. Well how do we say? Nonexistent. So with that said, see you all soon and may your travels me safe, swift, and well met by other travelers.

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